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Huntley House Provides Support for African American Males at the U of M

January 30, 2014


Named in honor of Dr. Horace Huntley (‘68-Ξ), a member of the first African American Studies program graduating class in 1970, who went on to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh and become a Professor of History at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Huntley was one of the leaders in the Morrill Hall Takeover in the spring of 1969, when a group of 70 African American students occupied the University of Minnesota's administration building. This action led to the fall 1969 founding of the University's Afro-American and African Studies department (as it was then known), one of the first in the nation. The action also saw the creation of increased scholarship and on-campus student support opportunities for African American students.


Opened in fall 2012, the Huntley House provides academic support and a sense of community and connectedness for African American males and opportunities for personal and academic growth in a supportive atmosphere to ensure their success in college and beyond.  Students will have the opportunity to explore issues of ethnicity, identity, and leadership, while receiving vital academic support and actively participating in and contributing to campus student life.


Huntley House activities include a weekly class taught by a tenured professor, a retreat, a once per week all-House check-in meeting that includes a meal, once per week individual meetings with peer mentors, and once a month dinners with the Huntley House Advisory Board. Students will meet regularly with professional advisors who will support student retention by providing guidance as the students navigate curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities


In line with Omega’s 4th cardinal principal, the Huntley House provides uplift to the African American male population at the University of Minnesota.  For more information about Huntley House or to apply, contact Housing & Residential Life at 612 624-2994 or

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